SG Fringe ★★★★

Take a Risk is a light-hearted and entertaining show that manages to reveal the odd and sometimes dark ways we cope with uncertainty and avoid risks. Timandra challenges these ideas and encourages the audience to embrace the thrill of taking chances.”

Fringe Review

“A pleasing way to start a day and I think will appeal to audiences looking for something different, thought provoking but entertaining. The audience were obviously engaged by Harkness’s obvious passion for the subject and her philosophical but humorous musings on the notion of risk and the benefits to humanity of risk taking and this in itself makes it worth seeing. That and the fortune cookies, of course. “

Edinburgh Reporter ★★★★

“In a society so focussed on reducing risk, we often forget that not all risks demand a bad outcome. Timandra invites the audience to choose their own risks to win laughs and demonstrate the meaning of probability, sometimes with shocking consequences. Be warned: it is highly unlikely that two shows will ever be the same.”

Geek Chocolate

“From the surprising life expectancy of nuns, not entirely through their choice of chaste lives of privation, to the slim but non-zero chances of being struck by lightning or winning the lottery – though they are not linked, so one does not preclude the other – Take a Risk is informative and entertaining, the perfect light start to a Fringe morning.”

The List ★★★

“Harkness is a warm and welcoming host who puts you at your ease; even if at one point she’s brandishing an electric-shock machine she found in her shed. And so we move through a series of fun games, probing at the odds of outcomes and answering questions on who are at the lowest risk in society and who are at the most. A fun hour that’s guaranteed to be different every day. Though there will always be plenty of fortune cookies, no doubt.”

Edinburgh Fringe official site (audience reviews)

David Robinson: “Fascinating stuff. The show makes the subject really interesting with lots of audience participation, fortune cookies and facts. We could have listened to her all day.”

Tim D: “A fascinating show. The variable nature and some of the audience questions and challenges meant that every show is unique….with a small chance that the audience would deliver the show (but not on this occasion). Ms Harkness knows her stuff and is informative and entertaining in equal measure. Makes you question your own view of risk and my family and I had a great conversation about risk on the way home as a result. Highly recommended.”

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