The Take A Risk podcast features interviews with leading experts on themes related to the show. You can find out more

Episode 1
Timandra talks to Professor Gerry Thomas at Imperial College, London, who’s been studying the health risks of radiation from Chernobyl since 1992. Timandra wants to know how big a risk she took by visiting Chernobyl earlier this year.

Episode 2
Timandra talks to Bill Harvey, an engineer with an expert eye for railway bridges, how they were built, and whether it’s still safe to run trains across them.

Episode 3
In this episode, Timandra meets three volcanologists at Cheltenham Science Festival. Rebecca Williams, Jazmin Scarlett and Christopher Jackson talk about volcanoes, how risky it is to study them, and what frightens them more than molten rock.

Episode 4
In this episode, Timandra talks to Jo Wood, who has been a probation officer for 14 years, about the art and science of measuring risk and how it feels to reduce the risks somebody poses to others, to society, or to themselves.